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Video Control Board


Other Solutions We Offer

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Building Managment Systems B.M.S

Integration and automation of your building's electronic system to simplify the management of the building's facilities.

  1. Access Control

  2. Audio / PA System

  3. Emergency Evacuation Sys.

  4. HVAC Control

  5. Energy management

  6. Lighting Control


One system one solution it does not matter what communication technology

  1. Lift, Generator, KWH/KVA Monitoring

  2. Fire Detection

  3. Intrusion Detection

  4. Surveillance

  5. Audio / Video Surveillance 


Vehicle Tracking & Monitoring

ServTel represent the world leader in this sector, Astrata.

Astrata has flexible vehicle tracking and asset management solutions for fleets of all sizes.

ServTel offers these solutions from best of class with cutting edge technologies

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Command and Control Centre

We have designed and established command & control centers at various projects with state of the art equipment, incorporating branded instruments and technology.


The purpose of Command and Control is to give clients the capacity to easily toggle between hundreds of surveillance technologies with minimal transnational friction using a single display interface.

We have partnered with a number of big brands in surveillance industry and servers hardware manufactures like IBM, Milestone etc

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Power Back-up Solutions

With ServTel converging different technologies in their deployment on a Structured Cabling Network, these solutions require firstly power, secondly power protection, thirdly clean power, and constantly available power.

INFOSEC Communication designs, manufactures and sells a comprehensive range of UPSs and surge protectors adapted to market needs from 500VA to 140 KVA UPS

  1. UPS systems for PCs / laptops

  2. Online true sinewave UPS

  3. UPS for Servers, minis, LANS

  4. UPS for telecommunications and sensitive electronic equipment

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