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Security Point


Access Control

As more Enterprises become security conscious – further importance is being put on security of their premises, buildings or facilities. These Enterprises can require different modes of Access Control depending on which business public or private sector they are in for example:

  • Educational institutions

  • Public buildings / Commercial buildings

  • Hospitality and Health Care

  • Banking

  • Public Utilities Departments

  • Government Institutions



Such Enterprises can require a number of methods of Access Control Security Solutions to meet their specific requirements. Some of the possibilities available for access controls are: -

  • Access Control RFID, PIN, Biometric, Facial Recognition, Retina Recognition Scanning to access doors

  • Vehicle Access - Car Park Ticket, Barrier Systems, Bollards, Vehicle Blockers

  • Turnstiles

  • Walk through and handheld scanners 

  • Parcels, packages and large boxes/ suitcase and vehicle scanners

  • Border entry systems

  • Asset tracking systems e.g vehicle tracking, personnel tracking, warehouse and container tracking systems

  • Under vehicle scanning


ServTel has the ability to use the infrastructure built within an enterprise to design and deploy cutting edge solutions using either IP Solution or stand alone solutions for such requirements.

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