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Security Camera



Many people work very hard on a daily basis to arrive a little bit closer to their goals, however the thought of security and safety hardly crosses their minds.

Protection of physical and intellectual properties remains one of the main concerns of organizations.

Today ServTel provide you with the best of breed security technologies to secure corporates and SOHO’s, using current cutting edge technologies over the IP.

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It does not focus on DVR and Analogue hardware, but will transport these analogue signals onto a Digital Platform, thus allowing an existing legacy system to expand with IP CCTV and Surveillance.

ServTel is a Gold Partner over the last 10 years for the world’s leader in Manufacturing IP Video Surveillance CCTV- Axis Communications LTD of Sweden. The first ever E-Trax Processing Chip for IP Video Surveillance was designed by AXIS Communications. According to IMS and Frost & Sulivan, Axis Communication is the provider of upto 70% of all IP Surveillance Solutions in the world today.

Video Management Solutions (VMS)

Monitoring Room

Every IP CCTV solutions requires to have IP Video Surveillance software i.e Video Management Software (VMS) for recording and analytical reviewing.

These different VMS applications reside in a server like all applications. The design of these servers much depends upon the number of cameras, resolution of images, recording period, how may FPS images are required for recording which has to be stored within the hard disk drive of the server.

In some cases the duration period for recording can be further stored on NAS/SAN storage devices.

All this deployment will only be possible if a Cat 5/Cat 6 structured cabling infrastructure has been deployed. Part of the convergence solution.

Again ServTel has strategic alliances with numerous IP Video Management Software Solutions providers who are leaders in their class. Today ServTel has installed over 2000 IP Cameras within Kenya and its’ neighbouring countries. Other solutions ServTel can provide that assist in Video Surveillance and integration with Access Control are: -

  • Under vehicle security solutions

  • Command and Control Centre Solutions while Video, Access Control, Alarm receiving and generating products.

Spy Cameras

Hidden security cameras - a small, secret, wireless spy cam for your home or business security surveillance needs.

Round corner camera Surveillance Solutions.

Discreet camera and voice Solutions recording.

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