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Network Hub and Cable


Networking and Switching

For an overall information and communication system – for any enterprise – to communicate end to end, a structured cabling network is needed as the Primary Physical infrastructure deployment.

ServTel can design and build such infrastructure systems that will allow and support multiple communication modes such as voice, data, video and multimedia solutions.

ServTel will then fully evaluate with you the designed system and install the optimum physical infrastructure with due consideration to the ever evolving world of IT.

ServTel cabling services include:

  • Confirmation of Design provided

  • Interaction with Electrical Consultants

  • Interaction with Masonry and Building Contractors

  • Complete delivery of site plan with full design drawings

  • Walk through with client of the design and approval for build

  • Installation of Passive Equipment – CAT5, CAT6 & Fiber Optics structured cabling deployment, patch panels, face plates etc.

  • Installation of Active Equipment – Gigabit layer 2 switches, layer 3 switches and routers

  • Wireless deployment where applicable

  • Fluke test

  • Full build drawings and handover – with applicable warranties


ServTel provides cabling, infrastructure solutions from several manufacturers. However it has a channel partner relationship with UK’s number one manufacturer of Cabling and Management Systems – CONNECTIX.

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Fluke test Leasing/Hiring

Fluke's products are expensive, so renting a Fluke product is the more affordable solution. But there are a variety of reasons for renting,leasing or hiring at Servtel.

  1. We will give you our highly trained fluke test expert to handle your testing requirements.

  2. Our charges are per day with a Maximum of 60 point a day.

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